Project financial planning

Funding a project is based on the completed project plan. Projects can be funded basically from three sources: own resources, credits or tenders. Based on the project plans, we create the documentations (e.g. tender) and financially plan the project including scheduling.

Financial project management

A financial project manager works under the leadership of the project manager. Financial project management will carry out the financial support of a given project as well as provides settlement of accounts to project sponsors. Our team successfully carried out financial management of several projects with budgets of 4-5 billion HUF.

Tax consultancy

  • Consulting for companies and individuals, planning the tax consequences of actions and strategies
  • Evaluating the consequences of contracts, transactions
  • Evaluating the risks of foreign transactions, the classification of income from abroad
  • Conducting internal (financial) audits
  • Giving advice on taxes, customs and subsidies