Requirements specification

For the successful implementation of information systems it is necessary to achieve proper communication between business units and IT department. A frequently arising problem is that a business unit cannot specify in details what their needs are in a new application as clearly as it is needed for the IT department, thus IT can not meet their hidden expectations.
The first step is an analysis of business and functional requirements of the application. While carrying out this analysis, it is important to take into account the future user needs and document them. In this documentation – usually called specification - the levels of access, user roles, and usage events are also defined.

Process design, process development

Process development will increase the performance of the process, which is achieved using analytical and development tools. Firstly, the goal of process development is defined. This is followed by the identification of (sub) processes that needs to be improved. For the ease of identification, we always graphically depict the process that helps analyze it. Only after defining and checking suggestions based on the analysis can take place the implementation of development. The evaluation of the changes closes the development process.