Project planning

Project planning is a key step for successful and sustainable development. After determining the activities in detail required to achieve the project goal, we prepare the schedule based on the available resources and the necessary resources, then assemble the risk analysis and stakeholder analysis. During the planning process, close cooperation is maintained with the client to create a feasible project. Our team prefers the use of the PMI PMBOK methodology but does not refrain from the usage of other project management methodology if required.

Project financial planning

Funding a project is based on the completed project plan. Projects can be funded basically from three sources: own resources, credits or tenders. Based on the project plans, we create the documentations (e.g. tender) and financially plan the project including scheduling.

Project implementation

For the implementation of the project we prepare the project founder document and the project management plan. The documents are compiled based on the PMI PMBOK methodology. Then we undertake the implementation of projects under the management of the project management plan. Our team has successfully implemented several multi-billion projects.

Quality Management

During the implementation of a given project, quality management is an important tool to support the project manager and to verify that the processes and products conform well to the project plan and the expected outcomes. For quality management we prepare a quality management plan and then carry out the activities which are laid out in it.

Project Monitoring

Project monitoring will provide information to the project sponsors or other interested stakeholders about the project results and impacts of products. Project monitoring evaluates the products based on the project plan and other strategic plans. Our staff has over 1500 monitoring project references. Monitoring of several projects of the same development program provides crucial feedback to program developers, up to sec toral and national levels.