Change management

"Change is good – if it happens to someone else." Change management uses strategies, methods and techniques focused on the person and creates a sustainable change on the individual, group and organization levels which improves the company's culture, behavior and performance. When change happens, something ends, something new begins and the time between these is used for adaptation and restructuring. People usually do not resist change itself, however, they experience the loss and termination of an era and they are afraid of adaptation. Change management helps the organization overcome resistance and focuses employees' energy on the core objectives of the change

Strategic consulting

Strategic consulting focuses on the organization's future by a systematic exploration and analysis of relations and opportunities and searching for the appropriate solutions. Strategic leadership is increasingly used not only in the corporate world, but in the not-for-profit and public administration sectors too. Our consultants have obtained extensive experience in creating national, sectoral and regional strategies and can help our Clients achieve a higher level of efficiency.

Organizational development (OD)

Organizational development is a scheduled intervention that builds on the systematic analysis and diagnosis of the organization. The change, which is the result of the OD, includes the whole organization and it is aimed at the change of the behavior in a specific area. OD is aimed at the increase of viability, effectiveness and the willpower to adapt in an organization as well as the establishment of the need for awareness, through the development of competencies in the Organization.

Feasibility study

If you discovered a market opportunity that you wish to exploit, a feasibility study might convince your bank or your future business partners to provide resources to your plans. These organizations always require the reasoning of your claim with plans on the strategy. With our independent professional opinion we can confirm that in the given financial and economic climate your business can be profitable.
We explore the risks that lie in the product, processes or market, develop alternate business models answering the risks identified and ensure that your idea is feasible and your business will be sustainable.